Website Evaluation

Website Evaluation from Pinnacle Business Technologies

Is Your Website Helping or Hurting Your Business?

Congratulations! You took the first step in helping your business grow by creating a web presence, but is your website actually helping or hurting your business? A common misconception that small business owners' have is that just have a business website on the internet is a positive feature, but unfortunately the solution is not that simple. There is allot of extra work that needs to happen behind the scenes of a website that is crucial to the optimal performance of a website and its ability to effectively generate business.

With an ever growing world wide web, popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing have implemented rules and regulations that a website must adhere to to properly be referenced. If these guidelines are not followed carefully, the best looking website is lost to obscurity in the vast ocean of the web. That being said, there is always the paid exposure routes that allows you to be seen on web browsers for a price, but if I know small business owners, free is always better.

Concerned that your website may not be living up to your expectations? Pinnacle Business Technologies will thoroughly inspect you site from both a aesthetic and programming level giving us a clear idea as to the direction you need your website to take your business, allowing us to create an itemized report listing the pros and cons of your website. Now, what kind of service would we be offering if we just gave you a list of issues? Included in your report will be a detailed list of solutions to help your business website flourish and effectively increase exposure to your business.

What are some important features my site needs to be effective?

The effectiveness of a business website has a number of key features it should implement in order to do its job correctly. Here are a couple of easy features to look for when analyzing the effectiveness of your own site.

Is my site mobile friendly?

In today's world, the majority of individuals all have a smart mobile device of one kind or another and utilize the convenience of it on a regular basis. This means that the likelihood of a potential customers first impression coming from a mobile device is extremely high. When you visit your site, does it present your business the way it needs to be, is the ease of use consistent with the desktop version and is the industry standard of your website comparable with your direct competitors?

Does my site have enough information or to much information?

Making sure that website has enough information about your business is crucial, not only to your potential customers, but also to search engine visibility. The balance between enough pertinent information for your customers and search engine referencing tools and to much information where the website visitor loses interest before finding the answer they are looking for is thin.

Making sure the each content page has at least 300 words is a starting point. Make sure the content on each page is "keyword rich" and that the information is relevant to that particular page. Lastly, don't overbear the visitor with to much information. Remember, a website is to be informative but still leave enough mystery for the visitor to contact you. A potential customer on the phone is one step closer to victory!