Website Re-Design

Website Re-Design from Pinnacle Business Technologies

What Does Your Website Say About Your Business?

With today's technology, the best way to get your business noticed is on the web. That being the case, there are countless number of websites online today. Unfortunately, the vast majority of websites lack the appeal to attract customers thus becoming an ineffective tool for your business. Remember, the majority of the time, your customer's first impression of your business comes from the internet and your website. Does your current website help or hinder your business?

At Pinnacle Business Technologies, we understand that getting your website where you want it to be can often become a challenge and frustrating, resulting in you giving up and settling for less than expected, or maybe that you're not aware of the potential design ability for a professional website. That's why Pinnacle Business Technologies is here to help your website reach its full potential.

With help from our design team and knowledgeable programmers, your project manager will work with you step by step to take your existing website and create a stunning business website that speaks volumes about your products and services while instilling a feeling of comfort and ease that your customer has chosen the right company for their needs.

Is the look of my website really that important?

The overall look and feel of your website is extremely relevant, simply because it expresses an initial attitude to your clients before they begin to browse the content on the site. Though, within general industry categories there is a little bit of leeway, visitors often become confused or turned away by websites that look or feel out of the realm of expectations for that business or industry. Before beginning a website redesign, you should always check against industry standards by looking at the websites of your competitors. For instance, a medical website should look clean, professional and trusting. An artist's or musician's website can be a little more daring, colorful and contain wild imagery.

The aesthetics of a website can also be better described as its “personality". The personality of your website completely reflects the overall personality of your business, products and services, while still comfortably remaining within your client’s expectations of the business and industry you’re in.